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I know its been a while and for that I apologize.

My time has been filled by working, reading, the epic movie marathon that was October and playing video games.

New Things:
Going to the gym now. I signed up for a year and I've been going 5-6 days a week for almost a month now; just walking and basic toning. I'm feeling better, sleeping better, and not nearly as tired throughout the day. I don't know whether to attribute it to the gym or the new diet.

New diet is not actually a diet. I'm not a little girl. Buxom, curvy, big, whatever... I will never be a waif and I'm quite comfortable with that. Anyway, I've gone mostly vegetarian. I say mostly because I have no intention of giving up my sushi on the rare occasions that I get to have it. Maybe one day but, that day is not today. I think the official word is pescatarian but I probably eat sushi a maximum of 12 times a year, so I feel closer to a vegetarian.

I bought and defeated Fable III; rented and defeated Mafia II; and decided that I need another 360. I'd like to get a PS3 as well but its not a priority.

Thanksgiving was fun. We cooked the turkey and I made a pasta salad. Everyone brought a dish and we were stuck with 40 lbs of stuffing that was left over.

I made a chocolate pecan pie and added too much chocolate so the pie crust stuck to the dish. So tasty though.

I'd like to promise to update more often but I'd hate to lie to you all like that. So, we'll see.

Its getting to be that time again

Horror Movie Challenge

+ It must be horror.
+ It must meet the minimum of 60 minutes.
+ It must be a movie.
+ It can only be counted once.
+ You have five wild cards that you can use any way you'd like.
+ (*) Means I have seen it before.
+ (+) Means I liked/loved it.
+ (-) Means I disliked/hated it.
+ (!) Means that its so disturbing that I'll probably never watch it again but still remember it vividly forever.

And lets begin...

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had enough

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Buster was sick last week so I had to take him to the vet. He had to be kept overnight at the vet but he came home on Friday night. Several more days of antibiotics and he's feeling much better now.

Someone commented on my book post with a comment about Harry Potter, which I haven't read this year. Which is weird and another one of those weird spammy HP comments (yeah, all of them) that I've been getting. All these comments are from people who aren't on my flist and have no entries. I don't know whats going on there. Its just weird. When I copy/paste the comments it comes up with hidden words as well like:
mount blade warband русификатор скачать

On Saturday, mom and I went to Tulsa and hung out with wickedoll. We had sushi and saw Vampires Suck, which definitely did. The bright, shining star of the movie was the chick who played Becca Crane who was awesome and played her role perfectly.

My mom said something funny to me the other day.
Mom, "All little girls like princesses."
Me, "Did I like princesses?"
Mom, "No, you liked pirates but you were different."

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I know its not even August yet but, I'm eagerly anticipating and preparing for this coming October's 100 horror movie in a month marathon. While I was out last night I browsed the dvds at a pawn shop and got One Missed Call, Skeleton Key, Dawn of the Dead and Sweeney Todd (still in plastic) for $2.50 a piece. I've been stacking my Netflix queue with recommendations and put all of last years After Dark Horrorfest's 8 films to die for, except for Dread because I bought that one months ago. I'm trying to watch mostly new (to me) movies. So, I'm asking my flist: What horror movies have you seen this year that you liked, loved, or adored? It doesn't have to have been released in the last year or anything, just that you've watched in the last year.

My last year's list, for reference, is Collapse )
long day

It could be a movie or something

You know, a client of our said something this morning in her insanity fueled rant that made me think.

She said, among the numerous threats to kill this man who she believes wrongly evicted her and stole her birds (and he may well have), that he thinks that all the people in (town I work in) are crazy or soft in the head. Now I don't think they are all 'soft in the head' or crazy, I've met quite a few nice and sane people here. However, and it might just be the line of work that I'm in, I see a lot more crazy people here in this town (approx. pop. 3000) than I ever did in my home town (approx. pop 80,000).

First there was a client of ours who, in her seventies, had three violent assault convictions and was sure somebody somewhere owes her (and her matted, crooked wig) money. A guy who has no concept of personal space and empties my candy dish into his pockets. A well dressed woman who talks to herself constantly about how she cant believe her husband left her after 52 years (he died of heart failure). There was the man who would argue with himself in the alley who got picked up in front of the library after getting into a particularly violent argument with his imaginary friend and was found to have a bomb in his bag. Then there is the crazy lady that calls all the time, granted she's no longer living in this town but she is from here. You remember her, the one who accuses the former D.A. of being a warlock and crawling around in her brain. She's under the impression that we're (along with Fidel Castro) all out to get her and she'd like her 300 billion dollars in alimony up front. There is the man that walks around town with a walking stick and you know the weather is getting warmer when he puts on his heavy winter (or summer, in his case) coat. There's another woman who never talks to anyone, wears all white and stands on various street corners holding up signs about repenting because the end is near. Then there is the lady who was waiting at my door when I got to work, two days this week, (with her walker) is convinced that her older brother is being 'held against his will' at a Nursing Home. Even though he's in his late 90's, deaf as a post, and he's just in the hospital because he broke his hip and needs a full time nurse.

If I had any desire to get to know these people, I could write a book about them all. Especially the ones that I don't have a confidentiality clause with.