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I haven't been on in FOREVER

Seriously, its been years. I don't know if anyone uses this anymore. You can find me on Twitter as AramintaCrisis.

I am coming back here to beg, really, for some help.

You may remember me. I am still single. My kids are awesome. I have three cats and two dogs and now we need a new place to live.

I severely damaged the cartilage in my knee after doing the Tough Mudder and the Dirty 30 charity runs one week apart.

I was on medication for a year and finally got approved for surgery to "help"

It was the last resort, since I do not qualify for a knee replacement.

It did not help. I am still in nearly constant pain. To add insult to injury, i racked up over $7000 in medical bills that I could not pay, that was my portion AFTER insurance.

My credit is abysmal so I cannot get a traditional mortgage. I cannot afford to pay rent plus pet deposits and/or pet rent and most places will not let me have dogs over 40 lbs. My "little" dog is 42 lbs. He's also 12, has arthritis and cataracts.

I am not going to get rid of my pets. So I have a found a house. It's an old house, in an old neighborhood but the current owner will let me "rent to own".

So, if you could find it in your heart to help us, I would be incredibly grateful.
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