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It's that time of year again

Although I forgot to officially sign up, I just can't stay away.


+ It must be horror.
+ It must meet the minimum of 60 minutes.
+ It must be a movie.
+ It can only be counted once.
+ You have five wild cards that you can use any way you'd like.
+ (*) Means I have seen it before.
+ (+) Means I liked/loved it.
+ (-) Means I disliked/hated it.
+ (!) Means that its so disturbing that I'll probably never watch it again but still remember it vividly forever.

And lets begin...

1. Barricade + I spent a great deal of this film trying to figure out just what the hell was going on. I’d say it’s less horror and more a psychological thriller.

2. V/H/S + A group of assholes are videotaping their criminal activities and are hired to retrieve a VHS tape from a house. I felt nothing but contempt for this group of idiots and so I really wanted the story to get a move on and was therefore looking forward to a bloodbath. What I got was a collection of short stories, each horrifying in their own way. The first tape, honestly, I didn't much care for. I did not like any of the characters, although a few of them had a couple of redeeming qualities. Not enough that I was rooting for them to make it though. Honestly, the rest of the tapes were fascinating and I watched riveted as the stories unfolded. The acting won’t win any awards but, I wouldn't say any of them were bad. The stories were interesting and varied enough so that you weren't quite sure what to expect when the poo hit the fan. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised. The first 20 minutes or so had me wishing I had chosen a different movie but, imho, the last hour or so made up for it. Just FYI: There is an abundance of nudity (some frontal) in this film, both male and female, so if that bothers you, you might want to watch something else.


3. Texas Chainsaw + I never thought I’d be rooting for Leatherface. Oh, and Scott Eastwood is so pretty.


4. Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud - I'm kinda insulted they used my name in this. Also, I can't imagine being trapped in baggy jeans for eternity.

5. The Howling: Reborn Meh. I'd like a little less teenage angst and a little more horror in my horror, thank you. And what they did to Don't Fear the Reaper is damn near criminal.


6. The Possession + Nice one. Creepy and atmospheric. Loved the end.

7. The Awakening + Creepy shit and sensible shoes.

8. Silent Hill: Revelation +


9. The Apparition + Not bad , I've seen much worse this week. However, it wasn't great either.

10. Intermedio meh I see what they were going for but the execution sucked.

11. Warm Bodies * Rewatch since my boys hadn't seen it yet

12. Ghosts of Goldfield - Good lord this was awful. It looks like the people who did the special effects on The House that Screamed are still working in films.

13. The Messengers 2: The Scarecrow - Norman Reedus was the only reason I watched this.

14. Face Off Wildcard #1

15. The Lords of Salem ? Well that was weird... Like Lost Highway, The Wicker Man and Rosemary's Baby had a wild party, spent the next few months taking LSD and this is the secret love child of all that.

16. Laddaland - No. Just no. I've got a copy that I'll never watch again. If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll mail it to you. I don't even want it in my house.


17. The Ward + Spooky and awesome. I liked it a lot.

18. Chillerama + Crude, tasteless and campy. Fun and silly.

19. Apartment 1303 + Crazy shit and Holy Hair Extensions Batman!

20. Absentia meh You'd think for a movie that had the whole "troll(bug-whatever) under the bridge" thing going on, it wouldn't have been so painfully boring.

21. Fear Island + Low expectations going into this but it turned out pretty good. Standard slasher flick fare but still worth watching.

22. Asylum Blackout ? I don't know whether I liked this or not. I didn't hate it but there were parts I didn't want to actually see.

23. The Pact meh Not scary but not bad. The cover looks scarier than the movie was.


24. Airborne + Not bad at all. It’s another one of those that really isn’t a horror movie. It’s a thriller with a token paranormal aspect thrown in. That being said, I liked it. I liked the actors, the story, the plot, the end.


25. The Collection + I don’t normally care for ‘torture porn’ movies but I really liked this one as well as the first one in this series. It’s smart without being pretentious and the devices are mostly clever and shocking. He does seem to have a really strong preference for bear traps though.

26. The Devil’s Carnival + This was just right at 60 minutes so it is on the cusp of the time limit part but I dug it quite a bit. Not as much as I loved Repo! but I’ve got a mad crush on Terrance Zdunich and his brain and his voice.


27. Paranormal Activity 3 + I kinda liked it. I wanted to smack the lady for not listening to her boyfriend or watching the tapes he kept trying to show her. Just goes to show you, ignoring the problem won’t make it go away.

28. Greystone Park Meh. I’ve seen better but I didn’t dislike it. It was kinda boring really.


29. American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3:1 Bitchcraft + Wildcard #2

30. Land of the Dead (2005) *

31. The ‘Burbs * The boys had never seen it.


32. Apollo 18 meh I swear I saw Lon Chaney in this; flea-spider monsters on the moon

33. Unrest meh Kinda creepy but nothing special


34. ATM + I wasn't terribly impressed until the end. Still wasn't in awe or anything but I thought it was pretty clever.

35. Creep meh a.k.a. Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people.

36. Camp Hell Painfully boring with sermons

37. Borderland Stupid people run across sadists, repeatedly. *sigh*


38. Tormented Meh. I don’t think any of the characters had a single redeeming feature between them.


39. Hold Your Breath Meh. I Hate Your Eyes: the Movie

40. Altered - I told mom it wasn’t the worst movie I’d seen this month and she said that was sad.


41. The Bay + I really enjoyed this documentary style horror movie. For the most part, it was quite believable and that made it more interesting. I found myself watching the screen, equal parts fascinated and horrified. Towards the end it kind went a little wide right off the edge of reality. I think that, imho, if they hadn’t thrown in a few of the more extreme bits, it could’ve been downright terrifying.

42. American Horror Story: Coven Episode 3:2 Boy Parts Wildcard #3


43. Whispering Corridors meh. Maybe I would've been impressed in 1998, not so much now. I'm taking the rest of the series off my queue.


44. Shallow Ground + A bit campy but I liked the idea

45. Storage 24 + Alien!

46. Evil Remains -


47. The Devil Inside +

48. Prowl +

49. Jack the Reaper + I figured it out less than halfway in. Charon’s Ferriers

50. Resident Evil: Retribution + It’s Resident Evil. I liked seeing the deceased characters again. AND BARRY, “I thought that you, the master of unlocking, could use this” made an appearance. So, that made me happy; not as happy as I would’ve been if he’d used that line but still...

51. A Haunting At Silver Falls + I’m sure that it was loosely based on the so-called true story.

52. Paranormal Activity 4 + Creepy kid is creepy.

53. Smile meh Nothing new, nothing shocking. Just meh.

54. White + Nothing groundbreaking in the asian horror genre but still a good watch. Also, catchy song.


55. Alligator X + Typical SyFy movie fare but Mark Sheppard = yay

56. Salvage + I would've thrown Kieran outside with the militia myself. He was annoying.

57. Dance of the Dead + Campy and fun.

58. Grave Encounters 2 + The first one was better but this wasn’t bad.

59. Pulse (2001) Meh. Not bad but about 45 minutes too long.

60. Friday the 13th *


61. Friday the 13th: Part 2*

62. Kill Theory +


63. Friday the 13th: Part III*

64. Midnight Movie Meh; interesting idea, mediocre execution.


65. House of Fears + I see you in that bit part Jared Padalecki.

66. Bear - Mean people get their furry comeuppance.


67. After Dusk They Come Meh

68. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter*


69. Grave Halloween +

70. Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)*

71. The Presence meh Atmospheric bordering on dull


72. Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) *

73. Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy's Revenge*

74. Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Warriors*

75. Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Child*

76. Nightmare on Elm Street: Dream Master*

77. Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare*

78. New Nightmare *

79. All About Evil - This was so bad, I'd rather watch the History of Knitting, all five seasons, than ever see it again. Not House That Screamed bad but still...

80. Evil Dead (2013) *


81. The Frankenstein Theory +

82. Zombie Night + I liked it alright but I probably won't watch it again.

83. The Cabin in the Woods *

84. My Bloody Valentine (2009) *

85. Flight of the Living Dead + A bit campy but enjoyable

86. Area 407 +

87. State of Emergency +

88. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil * I have seen this at least a dozen times and it still makes me laugh out loud.

89. Pontypool *


90. Last Kind Words + Kinda slow. Not a lot going on here but still a decent story.

91. The Descent: Part 2 + Gory, at times comically so. If you saw the first one, you know what you're in for.


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