Cristina (grimmy23) wrote,

Just a ranty type post

I hate all these "polite" southern women with their venomous "compliments".
I hated them when they'd say how pretty I was, if only I'd lose some weight. I still fucking hate them with their petty comments about how surely I don't want to lose any more weight.
First of all, these acquaintances don't have any right to judge and I don't want, need or value their opinions. I do want to lose 10 more pounds. It's a personal goal.
It will not be skeletal or underweight and certainly not unhealthy.

I eat well. I work out. But you know what?
believe it or not, it's just as rude to ask a near stranger how much weight they've gained as how much they've lost.
If I'm not talking about it with you, it's none of your business and I don't want to discuss it at my workplace with a client (who I can't stand anyway).

After a week of listening to bitchy/petty comments, it was nice to overhear my dad bragging on me to my uncles and cousins.
Go dad. :)

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