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100 Horror Movies in October


+ It must be horror.

+ It must meet the minimum of 60 minutes.

+ It must be a movie.
+ It can only be counted once.

+ You have five wild cards that you can use any way you'd like.

+ (*) Means I have seen it before.

+ (+) Means I liked/loved it.

+ (-) Means I disliked/hated it.

+ (!) Means that its so disturbing that I'll probably never watch it again but still remember it vividly forever.

Last Years' Challenge:

And lets begin...


1. The Shock Labyrinth - bordering on meh. I realized after the fact that this little gem was originally in 3D. However, that didn't explain the bubbles in the rain, the overabundance of feathers in the later part of the movie or the overall weirdness of the film itself. I spent most of the film with a weird look on my face thinking, "What the fuck is going on here?" At least the creepy bunny backpack was mostly explained. IMHO, the actresses were mostly decent but the actor who played Ken, Yuya Yagira, waffled between mediocre and competent, never once hitting GOOD in his role, while Ryo Katsuji I felt nearly nailed it.

2. Apartment 143 + In the land of shaky cam films, this one was not bad at all. The acting was pretty solid throughout, the storyline was interesting, and although the ending was predictable, I found myself quite pleased with the whole. Oh and, on a shallower note, Rick Gonzalez is quite the hottie.


3. House of the Devil - First of all, I have a hard time believing that this wasn't made in 1983 and stuck in a time capsule somewhere. Secondly, and by far the most important, the last 15 minutes do not make up for the mind numbing 75 preceding it.

4. Playback + Not fantastic but definitely worth a watch (if it's free to do so) and holy pervy Christian Slater... still love him.


5. Shark Night + But seriously, I have a hard time believing all these college educated people were really that stupid.

6. Episode 50 it was like TAPS meets Paranormal State. Some of the actors needed lessons or something but overall it wasn't a bad way to pass the time. I think I would've enjoyed it more if it had ended differently but I did enjoy it so...


7. Face Off (wildcard)

8. Kill Katie Malone Meh Being set free is bad and I knew that creepy goth was way too eager to get her paws on that box.

9. Final Destination 5 + Probably a poor way to pay attention to the movie by spending the first 20 minutes trying to find out where I could buy Olivia's bra. It's a Marlies Dekkers Dame De Paris push up bra, btw. The end made me say "Holy Shit" about 8 times in a row.

10. Attack the Block I didn't dislike it but I'd be hard pressed to say I liked it either. It was interesting. I understood the situation the boys were in but I understood the aliens too. A bit Hamarabian and while i wasn't rooting for the invaders, I couldn't really blame them either.

11. Trick 'r Treat*


12. Grave Encounters + The main actor must have watched a lot of Ghost Adventures to prepare for this role. If I closed my eyes, it sounded just like Zak sometimes.

13. Autopsy - As much as I like to see Robert Patrick still working just no. Damn...

14. Cabin in The Woods + A must see. I have not cackled this much since Dale & Tucker vs Evil.

15. Detention + Incredibly and completely ridiculous but in a good way.

16. Devil *

17. Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Warriors *

18. Final Destination *

19. Below +


20. Boogeyman (2012) SyFy movie. Not the worst one of theirs I've seen.

21. Don't Go In The Woods - it's a horror musical. I honestly couldn't stand the music; I watched 75% of it on mute, and just read the captions. I kinda wanted to like it but just no.

22. Repo! The Genetic Opera * I had to watch this to get the previous one out of my head.

23. The Rig Meh; creature feature. Kinda low budget but not bad overall.

24. Tales From the Crypt: Demon Knight *

25. Scourge + Won't buy this but it was an okay way to spend some time.

26. The Graves + Some kick ass girls instead of just being walking victims.

27. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark + Killer tooth fairies done by Del Toro.


28. Hellraiser: Revelations + Not a good sign the Doug Bradley isn't Pinhead in this one. However, it did not suck.

29. Children of the Corn (1984) *

30. The Omen (1976) *

31. The Fog (1980) *

32. The Blair Witch Project *
Day Off
33. House of 1,000 Corpses *

34. The Devil's Rejects *


35. [REC]

36. Quarantine *


37. One Body Too Many *

38. White Zombie *


39. Sinister + creepy as all get out



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