Cristina (grimmy23) wrote,

Random update with pictures

I went walking through my property with my mom to check on the wild blackberries. I got quite a few and I took pictures of random flowers and bugs.

This caterpillar looks a bit naughty.


Strange, translucent looking spider

Trumpet vines we have growing all along the front fence

Black-Eyed Susans

This house isn't on our property, so I haven't gone over there yet... I so freaking want to though.

On the back 7 acres of our property, there is a small grove of plum trees. I'm planning on going in there this weekend to gather some.

It's on the other side of the barbed wire that the previous owner put up to keep the neighbor's cows away from the house so I didn't feel comfortable going into it in shorts and a tank top.

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