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Its time for an unpopular opinion:

I'm extremely emotionally invested in this series, so anytime I say ‘my' or ‘I', just know that I mean my Shepard.

I've not played to the end yet so all I know about the endings are what I've heard from others.

I WILL do everything I can to ensure the Reapers are no longer a galactic threat.
I WILL try and make everyone see that working together is the best option for the common good.
I WILL make sure that all my relationships are as solid as they can be. I want everyone to know how Shepard feels about them.
I WILL NOT betray my friends and allies for any other fair-weather (or bad weather, as the case may be) alliances. I'm looking at you Dalatrass

I'm only about 20 hours in and my reputation points are nearly maxed out (I was beside myself when I got the Batarians to agree to work with me). I'm, however, still working on my readiness for war points. I don't want to go into the final mission until I'm sure that we WILL win this. I will not let my friends' sacrifices go to waste. I am trying to live up to all my promises. I promised Wrex at the end of Mass Effect 1 that I would make it up to him, and I did. I cured the genophage, not just for him, but for all Krogan. I saved the Rachni Queen in the first game but, I left her to die in the third. The Rachni had proven to be unreliable at best. I sacrificed the uneasy alliance and there wasn't even a second thought.

I really want Shepard to live through this. I wanted everyone to live through this.

I know this will not happen. This is war and there are casualties in every war. I've already had my heart broken several times by the sacrifices of others, some of those that I just recently met and others that I cared for.

At the mission on the Citadel, my Shepard faced down Kaidan, the man she remained faithful to, and I kept hoping he would believe her and she wouldn't be forced to do something drastic. Afterwards, they talked about it and he said, he was sure she would've shot him if he hadn't have backed down. She assured him that she wouldn't have shot him, that she knew he would see reason. Later, when talking to Garrus, he asked her, would she have shot Kaidan? I had to think about the answer for a minute because, Garrus is her friend. Being the one person who really has stuck with her no matter what else is going on, she needed to be honest with him. Her answer was "Yes" but what femshep said was so much more poignant. She said that no one person was worth the rest of the galaxy.

That's when it really hit me.

I have decided that my Shepard will do whatever she needs to do to ensure that the galaxy is safe, just as so many others have already. If it actually comes down to it, she will sacrifice her own life to ensure that galactic life lives on. My earthborn, ruthless (mostly) renegade Shep will make sure that the war is won, no matter the cost.
Yes, ideally, I'd like for her to have a happy ending and all that but, if it comes down to being that the best way to defeat the reaper threat is to sacrifice herself in order to save all organic life...

Then that is the way that it should be. The "Saviour of the Galaxy" could do no less.
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