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I've been around. Not updating much because other than work, all I've really been doing is reading. So far this year, I've read 115 books. A bit dull to talk about. Its hotter than I like here and between this dry heat and severe drought my garden is almost dead. The only things that are not dead are my peppers, eggplant and okra. Not that I'm getting any veg from them but they aren't dead so that's something.

I'm going to Dallas this weekend to meet up with Joe and James, my friend Melanie might come up too but I don't know yet. That should be fun.

This past weekend I went to town (I hate saying that) and saw Fright Night and Conan the Barbarian. Fright Night was good, not excellent though, and I thought Colin Farrell did a really awesome job as Jerry. I saw it at 1:20 on a Sunday afternoon and I was the ONLY person in the theater. Added to the ambience, I sat in the front so there was a lot of empty space around me, but not so good for the total numbers of ticket sales.

Watching Conan made me happy. At times, I was outright giddy. I'm convinced if they ever make a Black Dagger Brotherhood movie or tv series, Jason Momoa needs to be one of the brothers. While I was originally thinking he absolutely had to be Wrath, I think he'd be really awesome as Vishous too.

Tonight when I get home from work, I'm going to have to 'help' my son build a solar oven for his science class. Its due tomorrow and he's been putting it off for days. Typical. At least its not difficult and on the plus side, we'll all be better prepared for the inevitable robot uprising when we won't be able to depend on machines any longer the zombie apocalypse where we may be stuck on a roof of a mall or skyscraper camping trips or something.

I'm once again planning on watching 100 horror movies in October, one of my boys is a little excited too since I told him that I'd let him watch a few with me as well (and not just Nightmare Before Christmas) but certainly not all of them. We may have watched a zombie movie marathon this past Saturday but he's certainly not ready to handle an Eli Roth film or anything.

So, thanks for hanging in there and not defriending me. I'm still around, just not online much.
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