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The nearest town with a bookstore (to me) is 35 miles away. It has a population of less than 30,000. There are two movie theaters, a fantastic library, one Starbucks, a mall, only one retail bookstore and two tiny used bookstores. The one retail bookstore is a Waldenbooks.

This really stinks because I'm fairly certain that another bookstore will not be taking its place. I do not live in an area with an abundance of readers. Out of the educated people (not family) that I know (irl), maybe 5 of them read for pleasure. I know that as a customer (even a fairly regular one) I don't have near as much reason to complain as all of the people out of a job but I can't help but feel the loss.

I love the bookstore like I love the library. The promise of the worlds within the world call to me. The loss of it makes me feel hollow... lacking. As if a piece of me has been removed and there is nothing there to take its place. There is still the library, which I support and utilize often. Since I don't live in that town, I pay a fee ($60 a year) to be a member of that library. I don't mind that at all. What I do mind is that the majority of the people at the library are not in the stacks. They're at the computers. They're renting movies. They're sitting in the chairs, using the wi-fi.

If the people at the library aren't checking out the free books and they close the only retail bookstore in town... I think I've read where this is going.

I kinda went off there on my library thoughts. I'm being a little dramatic, I'm aware but, I love reading. I love books. REAL books. I have a kindle but, I love the weight of a real book. The feel of the paper in my hands. Everything about it. I don't get lost in an e-book, not like I do when its on paper. I don't think its imagined or psychosomatic but, I don't understand why either. Its not just the written word, the story, it's the whole package that feels important to me.

I know that I'm not losing my access to books but it bothers me that my options will be limited to buying most of my books off amazon, the used book stores, or driving 60+ miles to get to an brick and mortar book retailer now.
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