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I started a new game on AC2 again after I downloaded Bonfire of the Vanities and all the secret locations. The Medici home invasion quest was kinda awesome.

This past weekend I took the boys and bought them new mattresses since they are about to be 12 and those little kid/bunk bed mattresses are starting to hurt their backs.

Friday night, the kids were playing at their end of the house and I heard, "Daniel... Drum roll please." A few seconds later, a drum rolled out of the hall and into the living room.

My house is like a Tex Avery cartoon, I swear.

I bought a few games this weekend. Dead Space 2 (which I haven't played yet), Arcania: Gothic 4 (which I'm probably 15 hours into) and pre-ordered the signature edition of Dragon Age 2.
Tags: my kids are so cool, random, video games
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