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Hi there

I realize that its been a long time since a proper update. I don't really have anything to update though. I'm still working in the same place, still playing video games, still reading books, still living at the same place...

So, in short nothing is new.

I've been mostly vegetarian for several months now and I have to tell you that I don't think I have ever felt better.

My kids are still awesome :D. I don't know if I mentioned it when it happened but there was the incident where my son was dunking an old stuffed Bob the Builder in the bathtub to make him "TALK! TALK DARN YOU!" Which might worry some other parents but I think that its hysterical.

I'm several months into the "freezing my ass off" part of the year. Can't wait to move to a more tropical climate. After experiencing the OMG HOT and You've got to be kidding me Cold, I prefer the hot. Just saying...

I haven't made icons in many months so I need to get back into practice.

Also, there are several books that I need to bump up the Mt. TBR now that I have found out they will be made into movies.

Some of the series that they are making movies about are The Mortal Instruments, The Hunger Games, Incarceron, Ender's Game, Wicked Lovely, Larklight. So all of those need to be read sooner rather than later. *sigh*

So many books, so little time.
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